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Wearing too many Work Hats? Understanding the Importance of a Marketing Consultant

SEPTEMBER 11, 2015
We have all been in the position of wearing too many work hats. Maybe you have been given a promotion but before taking the step up the ladder you have to carry out your original position for a month or two whilst you learn the ropes of your new role. Maybe you are an entrepreneur and with all the start up costs you deem yourself the director, accountant, marketing manager and sales rep. All reasons for taking on a mute-faceted role may be valid but by no means set you up for long-term success.

I have listened to many clients speak proudly when they list the number of roles they oversee on a daily basis. Impressive at first but then my mind automatically flicks to the individual success of each role. It reiterates once again my firm belief of distinct roles in the workplace.  Roles need to be clearly defined and no one role should encroach on another. Instead, empower your managers to be good at one aspect of the company. Along with their team, allow them the to be the head and body of a specific department and watch how this empowerment will move your company onward and upward.

Bringing this viewpoint back to the marketing field, I cannot help but share some of my thoughts on, the importance of a marketing consultant/ marketing manager.

This is a shout out to many of the SME’s who are beginning to make some big structural decisions when it comes to job’s and roles to be filled.

Marketing somehow finds itself in the backseat of many company ventures when in actual fact it should be right up there in the front, driving the vehicle. Whilst you need all the necessary bits to allow a company to run, you essentially need someone behind the wheel saying which direction and at what speed. Similarly, you need a marketing manager who’s sole focus is the journey of your brand. They need to be empowered to call the shots, choose the target market and depict the best way to reach them. When companies allow roles to overlap, work focus becomes shifted and clarity distorted.

I have found that so many companies feel they cannot afford a full-time marketing manager and so they the owners or directors try to take the role on, over and above their daily workload.

For those companies who find themselves in this position, there are options…

While you may not be able to hire a full time marketing manager you should put aside time and budget to bring on a marketing consultant.  An outside perspective is always healthy and while you will still need to implement their marketing initiatives, at least these will be guided by a person who is in the field.

This is a new system that we have developed to answer to the problem highlighted above. This system is in essence an outsourced marketing department with an affordable price tag. With varying entry levels, there is something for all sizes of SME’s. The system is founded on four key services- Online Marketing, Design, Personal Marketer™ and Content Management. These services grow to satisfy the different levels of entry namely, Marketing Management, Campaigns Management, Integrated Marketing Specialist and the Complete Inbound Marketing Service. Learn more about our systems in my next blog, Marketing Accelerator™.

Need an all in one solution for your marketing?

That is all from me for now, until next time.
Catherine De Lange | Head Bird
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