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Let me make your day: 10 Top Tips to Save you Time, Money and Frustration

A few months ago I realised that I was sitting with a pool of fantastic tools that made my daily work life easier. It dawned on me that my little pool of knowledge could and would make someone's day, one day. So I decided to start a weekly Facebook #BBThursdayTip, a weekly post which would allow me to share some great tools and tips with small business owners.

Of all the tools and tips I have come to know over the past few years, here are my top ten. So grab a notebook and let me make your day...

1. Free Imagery: We have all at some time needed some imagery for a poster, flyer or blog post. We can scour the internet for hours looking for those FREE images which we can safely share and use for our own company/brand promotion. Check out some of these brilliant sites the next time you are on the hunt for free stock images:    

2. Image Editor: Sometimes there is no time for a designer, especially when an image just needs a little tweaking. So if you looking to edit something for your new Facebook cover photo or you wish to personalise a specific picture, give PIXLR  a try. It's adopted PhotoShop features making this free, web-based editing app incredibly popular.

3. Image Colour Picker: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your designer is MIA and you urgently need to give the colour specs of your latest branding to your printers or other 3rd party suppliers? Well, now you can, Colour Picker is the tool that makes you invincible and for many, a life saver for the day! Check out the Colour Picker tool here.

4. Coolors - Colour Scheme: While on the theme of colour, this tool demands some spotlight... Ever wondered if there was a tool that could help you decide on a colour scheme for your websites, logo design or branding... There is and it's awesome. Introducing Coolors.

5. Font Squirrel:  Keep things interesting with the latest free fonts available from Font Squirrel.

6. What the font?: Have you ever needed to find out what font has been used in a past flyer design but the designer is MIA. Now you can do the investigation with Fontspring.

7. Prezzi: Behind all great sale pitches, is a fantastic presentation. I feel so often we can get absorbed in the content of our presentation that we lose focus on the overall look and feel of the presentation itself. Whilst you ace the content, allow Prezzi to master the face of your presentation.

8. 'Clickable' Images: For many months, I wondered how I could make my blog images 'clickable' and then all my dreams were answered when I discovered ThingLink. This fantastic tool allows you to make any image/infogram 'clickable'. Upgrade your account and you will unlock all the possibilities of this fantastic tool.

9. Grammarly: For those who fear those computer gremlins and silly spelling typo's, this tool is for you. Install Grammarly and let those fears fall away. This awesome tool reviews all content, from your office documents to your online posting.

10. Free Social Media Templates: People are more likely to engage with your social media posts when they are supported by great imagery. Take advantage of Hubspots's free customisable social media templates.

I know how much these tools have helped me and I can only hope that this blog will go on to be shared and enjoyed whilst saving those who come into contact with it time, money and frustration.

Catherine De Lange | Head Bird
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