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BrandBird Marketing Solutions - The No's and Know"s of Networking

AUGUST 21, 2015

Just last week I was invited to my very first networking event.  As I am known to be a highly observant individual, I naturally took moments to sit back and watch how people from all different walks of life came together to promote their businesses.
By sitting back and watching the coming together of people and brands, I couldn't help but jot down a few thoughts. So in a bid to share some networking no's and know's here a few of my top tips.

1. Dress for Show: The way which you put yourself together says a lot about you.  You are after all showcasing your brand so be sure that the way you dress positively enhances your overall brand image.

2. Come prepared: Be sure to have a bunch of business cards in hand. You want people to remember who you are after the meeting.

3. Know your Unique Selling Proposition: Like all or many Networking Events, you will probably have a moment to stand up and introduce your business. Be prepared, no one likes a rambler. Know what sets your business apart from it's competitors and share that with the crowd. Speak slowly and confidently this sets the tone for the crowd to notice you. Everyone likes a business owner or manager who exudes confidence.

4. The crux of Networking, discover your network links: When everyone stands up to introduce their business be sure to pay attention and highlight companies that could be:

1) Interested in a mutually beneficial relationship or

2) Potentially be your next client.

These will be what I call your networking link. Jot down their business names and the name of the owner or manager. They will appreciate the fact that you have remembered their names after all the talks.  After the meeting, make a concerted effort to go around to each link and introduce yourself. Be sure to call out possible areas of synergy for your companies or highlight areas that you could add value to their business. Hand over your business card and be sure to receive theirs in return.

5. Follow up: We all know how busy a work day can be and often we get distracted by day to day tasks. So make a point of sending a follow up email to your links as soon as you get back to the office. This is a nice way of staying top of mind and showing your interest in their brand.

I hope these 5 insights shed some light on the Networking game and bring you some great networking success in the future.

That's all from me for now. I thought I would sign off with this quote,

“Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for” - Christine Comaford-Lynch

Cath - The BrandBird.
Catherine De Lange | Head Bird
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