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AUGUST 20, 2016

My dream has always been to create a Bespoke Marketing Agency. Alongside this dream, was a vision to use my passion to pay it forward.

Four years ago, I was introduced to the Helping Hands Family. This family is headed by the selfless, caring and philanthropic family, the Baderoon’s.

Never have I met a family so deeply committed to the service of helping others.

This family has selflessly given of their time and resources to help give back to the many needy South Africans, regardless of age or race.

Colle & Co – ALL You Need To Know!
Having assisted with the branding and set up of Colle & Co, I couldn’t help but share a little about this mother-daughter duo and what makes Colle & Co so unique.
Colle and Co (owned by Anne and Alice Colle) is a mother-daughter dynamic duo, with excellent taste and enviable style, who have banded together and combined their skills for the benefit of all that visit their shop; nestled in the very heart of trendy Ballito, twenty scenic minutes north of Durban.  They pride themselves on the fact that they are a bespoke place of business – they only stock one or two items per product, so the consumer is guaranteed exclusivity on their purchases.

A few months ago I realised that I was sitting with a pool of fantastic tools that made my daily work life easier. It dawned on me that my little pool of knowledge could and would make someone's day, one day. So I decided to start a weekly Facebook #BBThursdayTip, a weekly post which would allow me to share some great tools and tips with small business owners.

Of all the tools and tips I have come to know over the past few years, here are my top ten. So grab a notebook and let me make your day...
OCTOBER 13, 2015

Customers today are spoilt for choice; people are exposed to hundreds of options when buying a product or enlisting a service on a daily basis. Just think about your weekly visit to the grocery store - not sticking to your regular brand or product can make a simple shopping venture take hours.
SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

We have all been in the position of wearing too many work hats. Maybe you have been given a promotion but before taking the step up the ladder you have to carry out your original position for a month or two whilst you learn the ropes of your new role. Maybe you are an entrepreneur and with all the start up costs you deem yourself the director, accountant, marketing manager and sales rep. All reasons for taking on a mute-faceted role may be valid but by no means set you up for long-term success.
SEPTEMBER 04, 2015

My last blog post was chapter 1 of my Behind the Scenes of a Specialised Event. I signed off having identified the types of people I wanted to reach in order to promote my event. This blog will shed some light on how I came to understand my Target Market and how that in turn allowed me to develop my Marketing Plan.
AUGUST 31, 2015

Creating and managing events is one of the best work highs. The feeling of accomplishment is incredible and for many people, it’s the thrill and complete high of it all that makes them go back for more.

However for all those who are in the events industry know that it’s not just sweet daisies and princesses. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work with many varying levels of stress.
AUGUST 21, 2015

Just last week I was invited to my very first networking event.  As I am known to be a highly observant individual, I naturally took moments to sit back and watch how people from all different walks of life came together to promote their businesses.
By sitting back and watching the coming together of people and brands, I couldn't help but jot down a few thoughts. So in a bid to share some networking no's and know's here a few of my top tips.
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