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Behind the Scenes of a Specialised Event - Chapter Two

SEPTEMBER 04, 2015
My last blog post was chapter 1 of my Behind the Scenes of a Specialised Event. I signed off having identified the types of people I wanted to reach in order to promote my event. This blog will shed some light on how I came to understand my Target Market and how that in turn allowed me to develop my Marketing Plan.

I distinguished three different types of target markets for my event, The Galavanting Adolescents, The Esteemed Event Lovers and The Young Families.

I felt that these three groups would be the type of people who would enjoy our Winter Country Day. So in a bid to understand my target market more, I created persona's for each group.

The Galavanting Adolescents would be guys and girls around my age. We love our weekends and we love galavanting to experience new things. I decided that the best way to reach them would be through Social Media.

The Esteemed Event Lovers, this group would be my older target market. Husbands and Wives who are either retired or look forward to their weekend outing. This is something they like to see in the newspaper and will make a plan to get there. I decided that Newspapers and magazines would be the best platform to reach them.

The Young Families were my middle-aged target market. These are young parents on the go and interested in any family event that could see them enjoy a day out with their kids. I also wanted to reach many of the local families from Hillcrest within this category. I decided that we would be able to reach them through community magazines, social media, street poles and radio ad's.
Once I understood the three categories that made up my target market I was able to put together my marketing plan. Below is a brief overview of this marketing plan:

  • I launched a Social Media campaign on Facebook. I showcased all the traders and their products who would be there on the day. I did a bio write up on Davey du Plessis. These posts in turn fed some of our endorsed ads.
  • Each exhibitor was asked to do their own marketing for the day be it through their own social media, the markets they attended or word of mouth.
  • I got in touch with the Mercury newspaper who were kind enough to feature our event in the upcoming Lifestyle Event section.
  • I chatted to The Crest and ensured our day was featured so that we could enjoy some post event publicity.
  • I had posters but up in strategic street poles in and around Hillcrest and some of the busier intersections in Durban. I was sure to place these in and around prestigious schools where traffic congestion would allow our market to notice our posters.
  • I submitted our event details to East Coast Radio and were featured on their ECR diary segment.
  • I organised flyer drop off's at select shops within Hillcrest and Durban.
  • I set up a database of past Camp Orchards clients and followers and sent them monthly emails  to create a build up to the event. I did this by showcasing the many exhibitors that would be present on the day.
  • I was sure to promote the convenience of booking online through Web Tickets. I planned to strategically piggy back off their marketing and arranged for the Winter Country Day to feature in the Web Tickets newsletter for June. This in itself reached their database
  • I made sure we were included in the events diary for local magazines such as The Crest and The Get It Ballito&Umhlanga.
  • I personally took it upon myself to market the event amongst my own social circles. Never underestimate the power of Word of Mouth.

These were just some touch points I covered in order to market my Winter Country Day. Whilst this is a brief overview, I do hope it has shed light on some of the touch points you should consider when planning your own specialised event.

420 people attended the Winter Country Day. All expenses were covered and I believe our goal of showcasing Camp Orchards as a wedding venue was a huge success. There is not better way to gage an event's success better than feedback from the public...

"Thank you for a truly stylish amazing event...I have just left and had the very best day...from the decor, vendors, wine to the musicians..all were first class..I hope this becomes a regular event on the highway calendar." Les Darley Waddilove

"What a stunning day! Wow. I hope you have another market day soon! Was just perfect."Jenna Vieira.

"Well done Camp. Orchard team what a wonderful day we all enjoyed it so much."Pauline Anne Young.

"Please please do this again!"Tracy Paxton.

In signing off here are a few of my top tips for creating a specialised event,

  • Communication is key.
  • Follow up, follow up, don’t wait on people for answers.
  • Budget and Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Set yourself weekly To Do Lists & Monthly goals
  • Keep a calm, cool head in times of crisis. People will remember you for the way you managed a tricky situation.
Catherine De Lange | Head Bird
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